Concrete Wallpaper

Concrete is a manmade aggregate of rocks (typically limestone or granite) and cement of a great versatility and variety. Builders have relied on concrete since the Roman Empire – many famous Roman ruins, like the dome of the Pantheon and the Pont du Gard, show the hardiness of concrete. Concrete is easily customised and can be stamped, dyed, and polished to a desired finish, making it one of the most affordable materials available to fit any design and use.Few other surface options guarantee a modern, clean look like concrete does. Earth Anatomy’s concrete veneers let you access its transformative powers for interior walls, surfaces, landscaping, furniture, lighting, and innumerable other applications.

Earth Anatomy Concrete Veneer creates a distinctive look for designers and architects to create a room, furniture, or any wall with that special touch.

The minerallic surfaces are handmade from a two-component polymer- mineral powder system which are suitable for many internal and external applications

As Earth Anatomy Concrete Veneer is a natural product, each roll will vary in appearance, pattern and color that reflect the inherent beauty of natural stone

Texture Options

Shuttered Texture Options

Smooth Texture Options

Travertine Texture Options

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