Concrete is a manmade aggregate of rocks (typically limestone or granite) and cement of an almost unparalleled versatility and variety. Few other surface options guarantee the modern, clean look that concrete does. Our concrete thin stone veneer comes in a variety of colors and finishes allowing a multitude of uses.



Granite is a hard and very tough stone that has been used for centuries in construction and monuments that need to stand the tests of time. Our natural granite thin stone veneer has a wide range of uses in both domestic and commercial applications. It has become very popular in use for wall panelling and insets of furniture and can be fabricated to produce an effective logo display.



Marble has been used for centuries in sculpture and architecture. It forms in a spectrum of colors and is valued for its intricate vein and swirl demarkations. Our marble thin stone veneers provide a timeless look, with a natural malleability to flex this durable material in places you’d have never thought possible.



Sandstone is a sedimentary rock formed from grains of sand, most notably quartz. Our ultra thin sandstone veneer is truly remarkable. Once processed, this real stone veneer becomes ultra-flexible – it is similar to working with wallpaper in that it can even be rolled.



Slate is a metamorphic rock composed of clay or volcanic ash. It is an extremely dense stone, known for its low rate of water absorption. Our slate thin stone veneer offers a durable, water resistant, and natural look without the weight of a full slab of stone.



Travertine is a sedimentary rock formed from limestone, carbon and high pressure, high moisture environments like hot springs. Widely adopted in modern building for facades, walls and flooring. Our travertine thin stone veneer makes a variety of applications possible.



Charlton Athletic F.C. Shop Fitting

Charlton Athletic F.C. is a place where one hundred thousand spectators once stood. The current 25-year-old Stadium is built from purely functional elements. Concrete aged in colour since it was poured, corrugated metalwork and stairways, painted a garish red, pop out from behind the small triangular shop that rests in front of its view.
Commisioned by Hummel, ROAR wanted to build something that felt as sturdy as the parent stadium. So we turned, of course, to concrete. Absent of any particular hue but grey, so that any real colour appears vibrant in comparison. A unit to which this is applied, triples in its perceived weight and therefore strength, immediately. The graphics present the clubs impressive historial imagery and references using elements inspired by the Charlton dagger, creating a high energy—like the spirit of the game. When printed, this drops the garish red to a darker, richer and more pleasing tone. The colour feels as steeped in history as the club. Nothing in the redesign is focused on this moment. It will stand the test of time, along with the history of Charlton Athletic F.C.
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“The heartbeat of Charlton F.C. runs throughout the store with history and emotion for all to see. Retail sales have been amazing, with an average 25% above plan each week since it’s opening date.”
— Mark Underwood, MD, Elite Group