Sticky Stone | 5204

Technical specifications
Total thickness of the plate: 4 mm
Width and length in mm: 1200 x 800 or 400 x 800 or 1900 x 800
Fire class on mineral ground: Bfl – s1
Test method: EN ISO 9239-1: 2010
Weight per m²: approx. 3.9 kg per m²
Swelling behavior EN 13329, Annex G : <0.2%
Slip resistance: R 10
Shock stress: IC 2, post-processing with XSTONE kit
Impact sound insulation: – 21 dB
Color fastness: Given
Chemical Compatibility: Given
Packaging, storage, recycling, gluing and sealing
Plates 1200 x 800 mm PU 5 plates (4.8 m²) or pallet individually
Plates 800 x 400 mm PU 5 plates (1.6 m²) or pallet individually
Plates 1900 x 800 mm Flat lying on pallet on request
Sealing surface and surface XSTONE HARDTPROTECT

Responsibility, ecology and occupational safety
Product base is FREE OF Plasticizers, asbestos, formaldehyde, Halogens and heavy metals and complies with the VOC directive afsset A +, Bl. Angel as well as the AGBB scheme

Ecology There are neither solvents, nor others
ozone-depleting substances
contain. The for the product
used, renewable resources
are not in competition with
Occupational safety The product requires no special
Health and safety measures. Note
our laying instructions
Product structure Permanently elastic material consisting of
mineral fillers and polyurethane binders.


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Earth Anatomy 

Sticky Stone Concrete Floor Tiles:

Creating a real concrete floor has never been easier with our peel and stick 4mm concrete floor tiles standard size 1200 x 800 or 1900 x 800 on request.

The Concrete floor tiles can be applied over any flat surface and compliments under floor heating.

The tile is made of real stone and then a soft warm, water proof 3mm cushioning making them ideal for wet and dry areas.

Why choose concrete sticky stone floor tiles.

  • Warm under foot
  • Does not crack like traditional times because product has inherent flexibility
  • Waterproof, can be used in wet areas
  • Extremely hard wearing to commercial standards
  • Huge cost saving on installation and down time
  • Works with underfloor heating
  • Suitable for floor and walls
  • Large selection of colours available
  • Kind to the environment as stone is from recycled material.
  • Great values acoustically