Concrete On a Roll

Earth Anatomy Creative Concrete Designs

Unique patterns to reflect the inherent beauty of natural stone.

No need to make something more than it actually is. No need to come up with something that is not true. No need to hide something that needs to be seen. If looks and feels like stone, it is because it is. In our products, there are no imitations– only natural products. It is honest and high quality all the way through. Our new range pushes the creativeness textures and colours to a whole new level with 3d textured wall paper.

Technical Specifications Concrete Wallpaper

Width in mm: 1000
Length in mm: 3000
Thickness in mm: 2
Colours: .Support: glass fibre
Flammability: A2
Haptics: Roughness Similar to Concrete
Smoke emission: S1
Load capacity: Similar to concrete
Adhesive recommendation for inside: XSTONE glue
Permeable: Yes
Bleaching response: unknown
Flaming droplets: d0
Solvents: None
Quality of the substrate: Q4
Adhesive recommendation for non-absorbent substrates: Mapei Ultrabond Eco Contact
Adhesive recommendation for moist environments: Mapei Ultrabond Eco MS 4 LVT