Concrete On a Roll Fire Plank

Fire Plank Concrete on a Roll offers a natural plank texture that looks amazing in bathrooms and on fire surrounds. The wall covering is a quick and easy install process as you can disguise the join lines in the plank pattern. The Concrete may have a wood effect but there is nothing brown about the bright and fabulous colour choices available to brighten any project.


Technical Specifications Concrete Wallpaper

Width in mm: 1000
Length in mm: 3000
Thickness in mm: 2
Colours: any
Support: glass fibre
Flammability: A2
Haptics: Roughness Similar to Concrete
Smoke emission: S1
Load capacity: Similar to concrete
Adhesive recommendation for inside: XSTONE glue
Permeable: Yes
Bleaching response: unknown
Flaming droplets: d0
Solvents: None
Quality of the substrate: Q4
Adhesive recommendation for non-absorbent substrates: Mapei Ultrabond Eco Contact
Adhesive recommendation for moist environments: Mapei Ultrabond Eco MS 4 LVT