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Charlton Athletic F.C. Shop Fit

Charlton Athletic F.C. is a place where one hundred thousand spectators once stood. The current 25-year-old Stadium is built from purely functional elements. Concrete aged in colour since it was poured, corrugated metalwork and stairways, painted a garish red, pop out from behind the small triangular shop that rests in front of its view.
Commisioned by Hummel, ROAR wanted to build something that felt as sturdy as the parent stadium. So we turned, of course, to concrete. Absent of any particular hue but grey, so that any real colour appears vibrant in comparison. A unit to which this is applied, triples in its perceived weight and therefore strength, immediately. The graphics present the clubs impressive historial imagery and references using elements inspired by the Charlton dagger, creating a high energy—like the spirit of the game. When printed, this drops the garish red to a darker, richer and more pleasing tone. The colour feels as steeped in history as the club. Nothing in the redesign is focused on this moment. It will stand the test of time, along with the history of Charlton Athletic F.C.
“The heartbeat of Charlton F.C. runs throughout the store with history and emotion for all to see. Retail sales have been amazing, with an average 25% above plan each week since it’s opening date.”
— Mark Underwood, MD, Elite Group

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