Earth Anatomy prides itself on its collaborative approach to helping our customers incorporate natural thin stone veneers into their design projects. Let our skilled craftsmen help bring your vision to life.

At Earth Anatomy Fabrication LLC, we produce high quality products and provide services that meet and exceed the needs of our customers. We see ourselves as partners in executing your unique vision and application of our thin stone veneer products. We are craftsmen and take pride in our workmanship from start to finish.We offer our high quality services only through our certified fabricators and installers allowing us to have positive quality control from the raw materials to the finished installed product. This process guarantees the highest level of quality, on-time delivery, customer satisfaction, and an exceptional overall value.

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Popular Applications

Hospitality & Restaurants Retail Joinery  Feature Walls  Commercial Spaces

Furniture and Millwork Trade Exhibitions  Aircraft/Watercraft Interiors  General Use Veneer

Columns & Pillars Offices and Partitions Backsplashes  Bathrooms

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Cork back concrete floor tiles used in fashion shoot

We applied our concrete 7030 material with cork back to the flooring for a photoshoot in Munchen ,Germany

Concrete application to architectural walls

An application of concrete to house walls in Belgium

2Heads Design – Aircraft Exhibition Stand in Geneva

Our Concrete Wallpaper Roll (RAL 7030) was applied onto temporary stud partition walls for commercial use on an Aircraft exhibition stand in Geneva. After minimal sanding of the surface brass strips were used as a cover to mask material joints.

Exclusive Homes Bielfield, Germany

An application of Concrete was to used to cover MDF panels to create an exterior wall cladding of an Exclusive Homes showroom in Bielfield, Germany.

Sandstone column application

Sandstone wallpaper material 401 was used to clad a column in a domestic environment in Canada.

Sandstone column application